Timothy Bowles

It is a very rare occasion where an artist will appear, seemingly out of nowhere, who speaks right into your soul, with a voice and message that will cut through the noise of every day life and demand your attention and heart.

The first seven years of Timothy Bowles’ life, were spent in the Kalahari, in a small village called Rietfontein, which at the time had no electricity. Yet a beautifully warm and passionate community surrounded him.

His father did missionary work as a pastor of the Lutheran Church, and his mom, a primary school teacher. Most nights were spent in the family kitchen where his parents would sing together. Timothy and his brother would always join in on the singing and dancing while hitting on some buckets, and plucking the strings of their father’s guitar as he played.

“This is how it all started for me, and I’ll be forever grateful for those times”, says Timothy with a soft smile.

Timothy and his family then moved to the missionary settlement of Steinkopf in the beautiful region of Namaqualand in the Northern Cape of South Africa.His first experience of creating melodies began at the tender age of eight, where Timothy and his brother created the M&T Bowles Brothers. They started composing songs and performing them over the years which lead to him wanting to immerse the rest of his life into music.

In his spare time, he will spend hours researching philosophical, spiritual, and mystical subject matters, as well as getting lost in an array of factual articles and brainteasers. His trials throughout his life, spurred a new love for nature, abstract drawings and meditation outdoors between the trees and wide-open spaces.

“Everyday I wake up and try to remind myself to embrace life and surrender to its mysteries. It's been a long journey. I'm still learning though, and now I'm starting to love life even more. I still have many struggles, but life is worth living knowing that there's a greater purpose in everything.” – Timothy Bowles.

Being from the “Platteland”, spending quality time with his family and friends is an immensely important part of Timothy’s life. These special moments are electric, adorned with late night singing, hilarious impersonations, playing board games, and watching countless games of cricket.

Having an open mind and appreciation for different types of music and genre’s, his diverse scope of musical influences range from Michael Jackson to Queen, and from Prince to The Bee Gees. He is attracted to their their unique energy in their songs and performances.

Yet, these are not his only icons, Dolly Parton, Damien Rice, and Coldplay, who for him, have an element of effortlessness and vulnerability in their vocals, have also inspired Timothy’s song-writing and performances, along with his own signature vocal ability and delivery. He also draws inspiration from Mother Teresa, his parents and from any person he meets that imparts a lasting impression.

“Anybody who leaves a feeling of warm energy in my heart.  Anyone who sacrifices their own comfort, time and space, in order to comfort and bless others, inspires my music and my song-writing” explains Timothy.  

Timothy’s tapping of the musical world has lead him from his small town cassette recordings to a big city studio where his life, experiences and inspirations are encapsulated by debut single entitled ‘Love’.

Released in August 2018, the song explores the beauty of falling deeply in love with someone, and the journey and anxiety that accompanies that feeling in a modern world filled with distractions and outside influences, while still staying true to the innocence of connecting with another human being on a deep emotional level. The song conjures up feelings of reflecting on the faith that a person has to have in love, in spite of their insecurities and fear, and dancing through all the bitter and sweet times no matter what lies ahead.

The song was produced and recorded with the renowned South African production duo, Daniel Baron and Tjaart van der Walt from ‘The Hit Kitchen’ studios in Johannesburg, and was a collaborative effort between Timothy and the team over the space of many months to achieve the melodious perfection that can be heard in ‘Love’.

“The song is a breakthrough in every sense. Timothy’s vocal ability can be likened to that of an industry veteran & I’ve had this song stuck in my head since we created it” says Daniel Baron

Timothy had initially written the chorus of the track back in 2014 and only revisited it when he had the confidence to send it to the production team, after which Baron took the lead in composition and laid the finishing touches, showing how a seed of inspiration in a separate time and space can come alive at the most divine moment.

Shortly after recording the track, Timothy signed a management and distribution deal with the well-established SAManagement stable, and taken under the wing of owner Samantha de Bruin to nurture his career and proactively expose his talents to the world, with an incredible music video being shot in Cape Town in the Winter of 2018, co-directed and co-produced by de Bruin, and filmed by well known cinematographer Ruan Kotze of ‘The Reel Thing’.

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