The fresh-faced seventeen year old Khanyi Mthimunye has arrived and is ready to inject some raw talent into the South African pop scene with her debut single ‘Wild Heart’. The Johannesburg born Khanyi has been quietly crafting her sound since the age of six years old, when her dad recognised her passion for singing nursery rhymes at the top of her lungs, and enrolled her for piano and vocal lessons. Just two years later she was writing her own lyrics and crafting melodies to accompany her thoughts.

Most evenings after school were spent with her dad, who would blast some of the greatest legends through their surround sound, from ABBA to Michael Jackson, from Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey, from Freshly Ground to Bob Marley and to top it off, one of South Africa’s greatest, Mafikizolo. Together, instead of watching cartoons, they would watch live concert DVD’s and sing along as if they were part of the roaring crowd. 

“Music has been an essential part of my existence so far. I can’t imagine the type of person I would be without it nor the person I would be if I don’t pursue my passion for music.” says Khanyi

Khanyi’s musical inspirations are vast and are a testament to her innate musical ability and taste. She credits artists like ABBA, Sia, Halsey, Anne Marie, and Billie Eilish for shaping her style and delivery, and she also acknowledges Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus as icons from her childhood that she looks up to. Demi for struggling with mental health issues and addiction but still being so strong and preaching love and respect, while at the same time being such an advocate for mental health and female issues, and Miley for being unapologetically herself regardless of what society has tried to shape her into being, as well as being a champion for LGTBQ issues and homelessness. 
With an incredible cross section of interests, Khanyi’s other hobbies and activities include poetry, painting, reading & learning about other cultures, as well as language studies which at the moment include Korean and Zulu. 

Her debut single ‘Wild Heart’ speaks about being young and in love, with a carefree, youthful spirit that allows you to dive into things blindly without a care in the world. Khanyi describes it as “No matter your age, nothing in this life is certain, but this song is about the collateral beauty found in allowing yourself to just fall and be in love.

The track which was released in September 2018, was recorded at Hit Kitchen Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa and was co-written by top SA pop producer and performer, Daniel Baron.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” - Oprah Winfrey. 

This can be seen when Khanyi speaks about her dream of traveling the globe on a world-wide tour, and performing to stadiums full of thousands of people singing her songs right back to her. Her dreams don’t stop at performing, as she desires to sit alongside the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce and write songs with and for them.

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