Creative, multi-talented, self-motivated and passion, is personified in the visionary Amy Tjasink.
Amy Tjasink is a 28 year old singer/songwriter and multi-talented musician from Cape Town, South Africa. Since being a top 7 finalist on The Voice South Africa she has gone onto releasing a multitude of hit singles that can still be heard across radio stations nation-wide. One of these hit singles which features the household name of Jimmy Nevis, has topped the charts and to date has been played on South African radio stations over an astonishing 1000 times since its release in October 2020, as well as being featured on some of the most popular playlists of Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer which has attributed to the 60 000 + streams.

In September 2019, Amy was invited to the International High Coast Songwriting Camp in Sweden where she worked alongside some of the most renowned songwriters in the world, Laurell Barker from Canada, Selen Özan from Sweden & Alex Pavelich from Norway. The incomprehensible talent and experience of the artists in the room dripped from the ceiling, which  subsequently manifests itself into Amy’s songwriting.

Ahead of entering The Voice SA, Amy was commissioned as a musical director on a cruse liner in Australia for 4 years. She then made a bold move to immigrate to London, where she launched her sassy & flirty debut independent full album titled “Simplify Me” following her debut EP titled “Average Jane” which had a country and reggae influence. Being stationed in London, she was seen playing at numerous venues in the British capital, such as Premier League football games, as well as singing at high-end venues which included Hugh Hefner’s Famous Playboy Club.
Her signature vocal, multi-faceted genre-bending style, and on-stage quirkypersonality allows her to perform to intimate and arena size venues and occasions as a solo or band performer.

“I have so many stories to tell, melodies to sing and feelings to share, and being on stage gives me that platform and fuels my inspiration and creativity”- Amy Tjasink

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